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Processes Used

Processes Used
  • Initial Sorting: Recyclables travel up the main conveyor. Contaminants such as food waste & green waste are removed here.
  • Main Sorting: Recyclables such as glass /plastics/ metal and aluminium cans are separated from paper and cardboard via a vibrating "disc screen"
  • Screen Paper/Cardboard: Cardboard is manually separated from paper. Material is baled ready for sale to paper mills for making new packaging products.
  • Magnet Separation Process: Steel cans are removed and baled using a magnet.
  • Screen Glass: Glass recyclables pass through an automated ceramic detection system removing ceramic product which contaminates the glass stream. Glass is optically sorted by colour and stored in bays ready for sale to glass packaging manufacturers.
  • Air Classifier Separation: Lightweight recyclables like aluminium and plastic bottles are separated from the heavy recyclables such as glass as the products move across an air field, whereby light material is separated from heavy.
  • Optical Sorting - Plastic: Mixed plastic bottles go through an automated optical sorting system which separates the different types of plastic grades such as PET/White HDPE/Coloured HDPE/PP
  • Storage/Final Processing: Plastics, Cardboard, Paper, Aluminium, Steel and Glass recyclables have all been separated, baled or placed into storage bays ready for delivery into manufacturing processing plants.

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