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Future Strategy

Future Strategy

SKM Recycling has long term, stable market arrangements for the sale of sorted recyclables. During the past decade, the company has built relationships with like minded local and international manufacturers such as paper mills who are classed as end users. End users have constant needs for recyclables to produce sustainable recyclable packaging.

SKM Recycling's aim, wherever possible, is to sell local. Over 60% of the product we receive remains in Australia for use in local industries. SKM actively seeks to form alliances with Australian companies to promote recycling as its long term strategy is to sell over 80% of its produced products into Australian markets.

SKM Recycling has won many Fully Commingled Recyclables Sorting contracts and now services 35% of Victoria's population. SKM continues to source new sorting technology to develop world's best practice automated systems to increased its level of recovery from fully commingled recyclables.

With 3 recycling centres strategically situated across metropolitan Melbourne SKM Recycling aims to increase the recycling participation rates in households and businesses. Continuous introduction of new automated sorting systems has SKM Recycling working closely with councils and government departments such as Sustainability Victoria to achieve waste reductions targets such as "Zero Waste". In the future opportunities will arise for other household materials to be recycled.


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SKM Recycling can offer your business, council, government department or hospital a specialised recycling service to meet your needs. We provide recycling processing to over 30 councils directly and through the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

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