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Council Recycling

Council Recycling

SKM Recycling is an Australian Industry leader in sorting fully commingled recyclables, servicing around 1.2 million people. Currently SKM provides recycling sorting services to 12 Victorian Shires/Councils including Regional Waste Management Groups. From these 12 Councils, we receive and sort over 500 tonnes per day of fully commingled recyclables. Councils provide residents a fortnightly recycling collection for food, beverage, paper, cardboard, laundry and bathroom recyclable packaging

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SKM Recycling began in the late 1990's providing hard and green waste collections services for Councils. In 2000 the business expanded in recyclable collection and sorting services. SKM started sorting bottles and paper (commingled recyclables) from Boroondara and Maribyrnong.

As time went by SKM saw the growth potential and became a major player by developing fully commingled sorting systems. The company committed to building a MRF that could process up to 50 tonnes per hour, generating economies of scale and allowing for the introduction of evolving recycling sorting technology. In 2003 SKM opened its state-of-the-art Coolaroo MRF site, making it a leading independent recycling sorting business.

SKM has in a very short time developed, built, implemented and now manages facilities that can be matched by few others in Australia. The company has saved Councils millions of dollars in gate fees by introducing its services and creating another major player in the market. At the time SKM came into the market, Councils were being charged gate fees of at least $45 per tonne. Today gate fees have become gate payments to Councils.

While these are the company's greatest achievements thus far, the work, financial commitment, foresight and above all courage to create such a system against long-established competitors are overwhelming reasons for satisfaction.

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SKM Recycling can offer your business, council, government department or hospital a specialised recycling service to meet your needs. We provide recycling processing to over 30 councils directly and through the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

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