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How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

Recycling sometimes is difficult to understand. We can all help by ensuring everything we put into recycling bins is recyclable so "Don't Waste Your Efforts". The purpose of recycling is to ensure collected materials are used to make new products in an environmentally and cost-efficient manner. Recycling can also be done within your own home, like reusing jars again, and use ice cream containers for storage. By reusing and recycling we save resources such as water and energy in the manufacture of new products. Recycling also reduces waste from going to landfills.

Recycling Tips

  • Do not place recyclables in plastic bags
  • All containers need to be empty of contents/liquids
  • It is not required to rinse containers, that helps conserve water.
  • "Don't Waste Your Efforts" and use a basket or tub to carry recyclables to your bin.
  • Choose products with less packaging or buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

You can help recycling by viewing What Can I Recycle. A simple guide of what you can and can't place in your recycling bin at home or at work.

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SKM Recycling can offer your business, council, government department or hospital a specialised recycling service to meet your needs. We provide recycling processing to over 30 councils directly and through the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

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