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SKM seeks to make this website an up-to-date information resource about the recycling and waste management industry segments of the environment and sustainability sectors. To that end it is placing not only its own media announcements but other newsworthy items on the site, making it a ready reference to what's happening in recycling.

A Recycling Journey

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A Recycling Journey

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SKM Recycling Services

SKM Recycling provides a diverse range of recyclable sorting and collection services to Commercial properties and industry. SKM Recycling has made significant investments in creating Australia’s largest and most modern Materials Recovery Facility, which is commonly seen as a benchmark within the industry. Download [n/a]

Fully Commingled Front Lift Bin System

Give your business a bonus. Cut your waste management cost by maximizing recycling and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill while reducing your company's carbon footprint. Download [n/a]

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Accidentally or carelessly mixing household waste into a recycling bin can make your recycling efforts a waste of time. Non-recyclables put into your recycling bin can contaminate an entire truck load of what could have been recycled but instead ends up in landfill. Download [n/a]

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SKM Recycling can offer your business, council, government department or hospital a specialised recycling service to meet your needs. We provide recycling processing to over 30 councils directly and through the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

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